14 December 2012

Random Ray Gun Generator: Roll All Dice

[The following is a revision of my earlier random ray gun generator incorporating the Roll All Dice method using the standard dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20).]

These tables may be used to generate the audibility, focus, beam, range, color, and type of ray produced by any ray gun or ray attack. Certain colors may be more appropriate for certain types of rays and may be rerolled or designated as desired.

Random Ray Gun Generator
(Roll All Dice)


Roll 1d4

1. Low
2. Normal
3. Normal
4. High


Roll 1d6

1. Narrow
2. Narrow
3. Narrow/Wide
4. Narrow/Wide
5. Wide
6. Wide


Roll 1d8

1. Continuous
2. Pulsed
3. Continuous
4. Phased
5. Continuous
6. Ringed
7. Continuous
8. Fluctuating


Roll 1d10

1. 30'
2. 60'
3. 90'
4. 120'
5. 150'
6. 180'
7. 210'
8. 240'
9. 270'
10. 300'


Roll 1d12

1. Red
2. Orange
3. Yellow
4. Green
5. Blue
6. Indigo
7. Violet
8. Black
9. White
10. Gold
11. Silver
12. Invisible


Roll 1d20

1. Amnesia ray* (as the spell forget; obliterates memories of last 1d4 rounds; expends 1 charge)
2. Blinding ray* (blinds target for 1d12 turns; expends 1 charge)
3. Death ray* (as the spell death spell; expends 2 charges)
4. Destructo ray** (expends 1 charge/1d6 damage; maximum setting: 6)
5. Disintegrator ray* (as the spell disintegrate; expends 2 charges)
6. Electro ray** (expends 1 charge/1d6 damage; maximum setting: 6)
7. Enfeeblement ray* (as the spell ray of enfeeblement; weakens target 50% for 1d10 rounds; expends 1 charge)
8. Force ray*** (damage: 2d6; pushes target; expends 1 charge)
9. Freeze ray*** (expends 1 charge/1d6 damage; maximum setting: 6; encases target in ice)
10. Heat ray** (expends 1 charge/1d6 damage; maximum setting: 6; ignites combustibles)
11. Hypno ray* (as the spell suggestion; expends 1 charge)
12. Immobilizer ray* (as the spell hold person; duration: 12 rounds; expends 1 charge)
13. Petrification ray* (as the spell flesh to stone; expends 2 charges)
14. Shrink ray* (as the spell reduce; expends 2 charges)
15. Sleep ray* (as the spell sleep; affects any HD; duration: 1 hour; expends 2 charges)
16. Sonic ray*** (damage: 3d6; deafens target for 1d12 turns; expends 1 charge)
17. Stasis ray* (as the spell temporal stasis; expends 1d20 charges)
18. Stun ray* (stuns target for 2d4 rounds; expends 1 charge)
19. Telekinetic ray* (as the spell telekinesis; expends 1 charge/round)
20. Withering ray* (as the spell wither; expends 2 charges)

* No "to hit" roll needed; save vs. Wands to negate effect
** No "to hit" roll needed; save vs. Wands for half damage
*** No "to hit" roll needed; save vs. Wands for half damage and to negate effect


A roll of 4, 6, 3, 6, 3, 11 yields a High Audibility, Wide Focus, Continuous Beam, 180' Maximum Range, Yellow Hypno Ray.

  • "Low Audibility" means anything from silent to as loud as a whisper.
  • "Normal Audibility" means the average volume of a ray gun heard in a movie.
  • "High Audibility" means as loud as a firearm or louder.
  • "Range" is given in feet in the manner of Basic/Expert D&D and Labyrinth Lord.
  • "Narrow/Wide Focus" means either setting may be selected.
  • A "Pulsed Beam" consists of a continuous beam with regular pulses.
  • A "Phased Beam" flickers.
  • A "Ringed Beam" consists of a series of individual rings emitted rapidly. One example is the ray gun that appears in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.
  • A "Fluctuating Beam" may be described variously as "rippled," "wavy," or like an electrical discharge.
  • All ray types hit their target as long as a.) there is line of sight, b.) the target is within range, c.) the target lacks a defense against the ray, and d.) the target fails to save (vs. Wands or whatever the referee chooses).
Elaborations Power sources will vary depending on the setting. In general, a fully charged ray gun will have 100 charges (subtract 0-9 charges or more if found during an adventure). Some models may use power clips containing 10 or 20 charges each.

Recharging a ray gun with a compatible power source requires 10 hours of recharging time (10 charges per hour). Power clips may be recharged in one or two hours (for the 10 and 20 charge clips respectively).

Each shot will drain a ray gun or its power clip of one or more charges. Ray guns capable of variable settings will drain additional charges at higher settings. For example, a destructo ray gun might have six settings: 1d6 damage = 1 charge; 2d6 damage = 2 charges; 3d6 damage = 3 charges, etc.

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