27 March 2012

Clarification of a Rules Clarification

I should probably clarify rules clarification #14 of my 20 Rules Clarifications. Specifically, where I say that one can be awarded experience points for "defeating foes," I am referring to thwarting those who stand in the way of one's mission or goal. In this sense, defeating a foe could mean capturing, incapacitating, slaying, tricking, or avoiding the foe. Player characters who go out of their way to kill something for the sake of killing something will gain no experience points for their efforts and may even be penalized if it is clearly out-of-character. Adventures in my campaigns may involve victims in need of rescue, slaves in need of freeing, artifacts in need of recovery, treasure in need of liberation, caravans in need of protection, evil in need of banishment, armies in need of reconnaissance, cults in need of smashing, or any number of other goals, personal or otherwise, but I will not abide senseless killing sprees. Video games are better suited for satisfying those urges.

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