08 January 2013

Tunnels and Trolls Kickstarter Makes Saving Roll

A Kickstarter project to release a new deluxe edition of Tunnels & Trolls has already achieved its initial funding goal and it's not too late to become a backer. At the moment it is within a few dollars of its first milestone goal and there are still 27 days to go until the funding deadline of 5 February 2013. The new edition will have a minimum of 200 pages and will be available in PDF, softcover, and hardcover formats. The project reunites a T&T pantheon including game designer and author Ken St. Andre; editor, developer, and illustrator Liz Danforth; graphic designer and illustrator Steve Crompton; game designer and adventure author Bear Peters; and publisher Rick Loomis; so you know it's in good hands. Pledge any reward level at $10 or more by midnight (Mountain Time) on 10 January and receive a special Early Bird Pledger magnet.

To learn more, visit the Deluxe T&T Kickstarter page.

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