10 January 2013

Supporting Tunnels and Trolls

I took the plunge and decided to become a backer of the Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Kickstarter project at the "First Citizen of Khazan" level, which means I'm opting for the softcover book (as well as the PDF). I'm also paying a little extra to get the new map. I would prefer to have the hardcover book, but the price is too steep. If the Kickstarter had been scheduled to kick in after I received my tax refund, I could have afforded to be a "Noble of Khazan," but the 5 February deadline is too close to the due dates of too many upcoming bills. I can only hope that hardcover copies will still be available when I have the extra money to buy one.

At least I'll get the Early Bird Pledger magnet.

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